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No matter where you are in your career, I can help you grow and get to where you want to be. Whether you're job searching, in a career you love and want to advance to the next level, I offer several programs that can help you.
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Hey there, I'm Shakira.

Hi!!!! I’m Shakira Wallace and have been an attorney for 4 years. While practicing I realized my true passion was in professional and career development. As long as I can remember I have been the friend who reviewed friends resumes and helped them prepare for interviews. While practicing this translated to me starting several initiatives including mentoring programs, blah and blah. Now professionally I am able to devote all my time to the professional development of attorneys. Now that I have completed my Professional Coaching Certification program, I offer career-coaching services that encompass the entire career process from interviewing to promotion.

Before you Get the Job

$100 per hour

Pre Hire Salary Negotiation

You just got your dream job. Now lets secure your dream bag! This is the perfect opportunity to not only learn how to ask for more money but learn how to advocate for yourself.
$100 per hour

Resume Review // Update

In a virtual world we will help you with tools to make your resume stand out amongst the crowd. We will also help you establish the tools needed for the perfect updated resume.
$150 per hour

Making The Most Out Of Link’d In

Okay so you have LinkedIn or even LinkedIn Premium but what now? We will go over various tools and tricks you can use to get the most out of your LinkedIn platform.
$150 per hour

Interview Prep

Okay so we got them to notice your resume now we need to make sure they remember you, your skills and why you are the ideal candidate. While going through coaching we will mock interviews and go over specific questions tailored toward your industry.
$80 per hour

Cover Letter Prep

Hate writing cover letters? Lets work together to figure out ways to streamline that for your industry.
Even if you already have a job, there is always room to grow.
See the various coaching services that can help you gain momentum at your current workplace.

While You Have the Job

$150 per hour

Promotion Coaching

Okay so you love your company but have been having trouble moving up, let’s work together to figure out the best ways to leverage your skills into a higher position within your job or elsewhere.
$150 per hour

Post Salary Re- Negotiation

Working at a job you really like but want more money. Let's discuss how you can attempt to re-negotiate your salary or ask for a raise.
$150 per hour

Making The Most Out Of Link’d In

Okay so you have LinkedIn or even LinkedIn Premium but what now? We will go over various tools and tricks you can use to get the most out of your LinkedIn platform.
$175 per hour

Career Advancement Coaching

The best way to get the most out of every job is to have a clear career path. We will work together to match your skills to various roles. Let us help you figure out your goals.
$175 per hour

Effective Leadership Coaching

You’re the boss, now let's figure out how to be the boss. We will work through how to be an effective leader, delegate work, and empower your team as a whole.
$150 per hour

Managing Upward Coaching

It can be hard to manage the expectation of your boss

Career Coaching

Premium Packages

Executive Package ($1,000)

Covers 10 Hours Of Coaching (can have for either getting a job or while you have a job)

VIP Package ($500)

Covers 5 Hours Of Coaching (either the Before you get the job or while you have the job option)

The Boss Up Package ($1200)

Covers 12 Hours Of Coaching in the Career & Financial Coaching Sector. (Free Financial Ebook included// unlimited email correspondence)
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