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What We Do

Millennial in Debt is the go-to hub for modern millennials wanting a fusion of lifestyle, financial literacy, and strategies. We provide a communal space to expand your knowledge on your debt free journey.

Millennial in Debt (MIDt, and formerly known as Trials N Tresses) is a growing lifestyle brand that began in May of 2013. Since then Millennial in Debt has steadily grown. The motto of MIDt is "be you". We see ourselves as the recreation center for all things millennial while providing a healthy balance of differing lifestyle maintenance tips and activities from fashion, celebrity news, movie reviews, natural hair care, skin care...etc. We pride ourselves in providing our honest opinions on different brands, offering hair care tips and tutorials, while interacting greatly with our audiences needs and wants. Below you will find our media kit/information on advertisement and sponsor programs.
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Our Audience & Statistics

Millennial in Debt has a bit of something for everyone. We focus on connecting with females 18 and up that want a bit of inspiration for getting rid of debt, managing their budgets and understanding financial literacy. They also want information around natural hair care including products, remedies, and tutorials. We also reach a vast audience who are interested in fashion, beauty/styling tips, skin care regimens, and fitness/weight loss methods.
Website Stats
All Time Page views: 175,242
Monthly Page views: 24,485
Monthly Uniques: 17,945
Page views per visit: 1.42
Social Media Stats
Instagram: 51,700
Youtube: 34,900
Twitter: 6918
Facebook: 506

Advertising Opportunties

See our commonly asked questions, or get in touch below for more details.

What can I advertise?

Anything related to the millennial lifestyle such as natural hair products, beauty and skincare products, health and wellness products, travel destinations and related services, self-improvement books and resources.

What are the Ad Terms?

Ad space will be purchased/featured in time increments (minimum= one month). You may contact: to discuss purchasing options, rates, and social media promotion options or utilize the form below.

Is there a guarantee?

We cannot put a definite guarantee on your ads, but what we can assure you is that our audience are highly motivated and interactive buyers who support relevant and transformative options. Get in touch and we can discuss further.

What can I advertise or sponsor?

We offer Product Reviews/ Giveaways/ and opportunities for sponsor/vendor for an upcoming events.

Product reviews must be in the following categories:
Natural Hair/Skin Care Products
Clothing/ Accessories

Terms of the product review (i.e.: where/ when the product will be reviewed will be further discussed)

*We reserve the right to refuse review, sponsorship or branding of any product or brand who does not fit  properly with Millennial in Debt.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch via our contact form below and we will discuss if your product/service is a good fit for MIDt.

Advertise With Us

If you'd like to advertise with us, fill out the form below for more information, or you can email us directly at
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