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100 Black Owned Businesses To Shop Year Round (2024)

Written by Millennial In debt on February 29, 2024
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This list was really hard to make for many reasons. Besides the time commitment and effort required to put this list together. I kept worrying I wasn’t picking enough companies or I would be doing a disservice to those on the list if it wasn’t perfect.

And I really had to remind myself of one of my favorite mantras: “Done is better than perfect”

I also struggled with when to drop this list. It is important to support Black Owned businesses -- but we all know that they are typically an afterthought unless it is Black History Month, Juneteenth or Black Friday.

Black Owned businesses deserve to be celebrated and supported year round -- so dropping the list on the last day of Black History Month felt like an appropriate way to not only honor Black History Month but also show that incorporating these brands into your consumer routines outside of February is a tremendous step in the right direction.

Before we get started have you seen the original lists ⬇️

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Back to our regularly scheduled program: By actively choosing to support Black owned businesses you as the consumer are not only supporting Black entrepreneurship you are also combating economic disparities with your dollars. That is BADASS AF if I do say so myself. 

Before we jump into our 2024 Black owned business list here are four meaningful ways you can support Black Owned Businesses year round (not just for the holidays and in February)

4 Ways to Support Black Owned Businesses All Year

  • Research and Discover New Brands: Take the time to research and discover Black-owned businesses in your community and online. One of my fave resources is Marissa of Retail While Black. She is the OG and the absolute best at sharing Black owned businesses with the world while also educating us. Find and follow 1-3 platforms dedicated to showcasing Black Owned businesses to make the research part a lot easier.  
  • Shop Black-Owned When Possible: It may sound like a lot of effort at first, but since following Marissa, I’ve been able to swap quite a few Black owned items into my regular rotation (especially the selection I’m able to easily grab at my local Target). Make conscious efforts to incorporate Black-owned businesses into your natural consumerism and it will become second nature. [My fave Black Owned Brands I Find In Target]
  • Spread the Word: Use your influence and social media platforms to spread awareness about Black-owned businesses. Share your positive experiences, recommend products, and highlight the stories behind these businesses. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and by amplifying the voices of Black entrepreneurs, you contribute to their success and help build a supportive community. We have seen how viral videos can change people’s lives!
  • Collaborate and Partner: Businesses can also actively collaborate and partner with Black-owned businesses. Whether you're an individual looking to promote a product or a company seeking partnerships, consider working with Black entrepreneurs. That means if your current job is looking to gift their employees – you can suggest a Black owned brand that may be a perfect fit. Collaborations not only provide exposure for Black-owned businesses but also contribute to a more diverse and inclusive business landscape. And of course – help increase revenue!

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for! I've created this doc here so you can have it all in one place!

Black owned businesses
Black owned businesses
1.Meditation Circle
2. Well Body Well Soul
3. Indigo Soul Yoga
4. Sage On Sundays
5. Golde
6. POW Adaptogens
Black owned businesses
1. People of Color
2. Suite 11
3. Sainte Nel
4. OOO Polish
5. Bk Polished
6. The Ballet
7. Candy x Paints
Black owned businesses
1. Unified Pieces
2. Sabai.design
3. Zipora Scents
Black owned businesses
1. Creature of Habits
3. Persephones purse
4.Beyond Skin
5. Tetes Butter Co
6. Soft and Butter
7. Maneuvermen
9. Shani Darden
10. Future Wise
11. Eadem
12. Brookiegirl
13. Herb & Eden
14. Cay Skin
15. TMPL
Black owned businesses
1. Free The Souls Clothing
2. Just So Dope Kids
3. Maya Winston
4. Kido Chicago
5. LaTouché
6.My Pride Apparel
7. Melda Moda
8. Cikapparel
9. I Kiss Customs
10. Social Theory
11. Sun Gods Official
12. Jacob John
13. Mstreet
14. The Narativ
15. Keo Bridal
16. Home by Areeayl
Black owned businesses
1. Natty Naturals
2. Mented Cosmetics
3. FixdHair
4. Saj Beautie
5. KNC Beauty
6. Danessa Myricks Beauty
7. Irreesistible
8.UOMA Beauty
9. Ami Colé
10.Beauty Bakerie
Black owned businesses
2.Buttered Brown Sugar Bakery
3.Flour Girl Cake House
4.Ryssun Butter
5. The Little Fat Girl
6. Heritage Wines
7. Spill by Jay's Coffee
8. A Dozen Cousins
9.Eat Unrestricted
11. Sienna Sauce
Black owned businesses
2. Home by Areeayl
5.Afro Deco
6. Stella and Haas.com
7. Isshi
8. V Bellan
9. Ten Thousand Things Nyc
10.AM Thorne
Black owned businesses
1. By Dami Studios NYC
2. Tiny Studio Design
3. Felicitea
4.Mikayla Taylor
5. Wellbody Kitchen
6. Caring For Mamas
7. Rahkim Sabree
8. Serene
9. Blkcastle
10. Wordie Productions
11. You Volve Healing Center
12. Ebony Isis Booth
13. Eve Milan Spa
14. Esscents of Flowers
15. Black Flower Farmers
16. Machee Creates
17. The Ranch Houston
18. NotHando Conjure
19. Aja Vines
20. Coached By Mireille
21. Events In A crunch
22. Raising Le Barre

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found this list useful! Don't forget to share + spread the word so we can support these Black owned businesses and more year round !

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