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8 Chrome Extensions You Need To Land Your Next Job

Written by Millennial In debt on May 22, 2024

If you are looking for a new job and you find it incredibly difficult, please know you are NOT alone in this. The current job market now is not what it was in 2021 and that is VERY clear to us all. Competition is at an all time high, especially if you’re looking for a fully remote role. 

That does not mean you should be hopeless. However, it does mean you will have to let ingenuity lead the way during a majority of the job search process. AKA We’re working smarter NOT harder!

Looking for a job is a full time job in itself, so anything that can make the process easier is immediately added to my arsenal. In an effort to make the job search easier for myself, I searched these internet streets high and low to find Google Chrome extensions to take on the brunt of the process.

That is how I was able to curate these 8 chrome extensions you absolutely need to help you land your next job.

In choosing the chrome extensions, I wanted to focus on addressing what made the job search the hardest. If you’ve ever struggled with the following:

  • What jobs should I be looking for with my expertise?
  • How do I know if this job is right for me? Is this company a good fit?
  • Which roles should I look into if I want to pivot? How can my skills be applied?

What Do These Chrome Extensions Actually Help With?

The list focuses on two essential aspects of the job search process: 1) the application 2) the search itself.  

In addition, the chrome extensions suggested also prioritize security – all of them have an SSL certificate because we are not exposing ourselves and personal data to the hackers. 

The Elephant In The Room:

Of course I have to mention, some of these Chrome extensions do charge a fee. A majority of them offer a free trial or free version, but this will come with limited features. I do recommend trying the free version first to see if it is useful to you during your job search. 

If you do find that the extension is a benefit to you, consider creating a byline in your budget for it (only if this is practical and doable). 

8 Google Chrome Extensions To Help You Find Your Next Job

1. Companybook Insider: This free chrome extension is can be used to help you figure out who works at the company, their background, and if there are any openings. The extension does not require a login once installed, and will populate the information on your browser (once you click the URL bar) or in your Gmail.  

2. Simplify CoPilot: If you’ve ever seen people online stating they’ve applied to hundreds of jobs (or if you yourself have applied to hundreds of jobs) you know all too well how time consuming that is. Simplify is an AI tool that helps you do some of that heavy lifting with the touch of a button. Simplify will autofill applications for you, help you tailor your  resume and automatically track applications you submit (this way you don’t have to do it manually in a spreadsheet).

3. Huntr: Is a highly rated job search tracker to help you automate your process as much as possible. It also has the functionality to fill in applications for you much like Simplify. Now before you wonder, well why would I use both if they both do the same thing. Unfortunately they both don’t aggregate information from all job application sites. I like to have both in my job search arsenal to cover more ground quicker than if I had to do everything manually.

4. TealHQ: TealHQ was the first Google Chrome extension I used during my job search and it is still a major part of my extension rotation. While it does offer job application tracking (like Simplify + Huntr) it does not do automatic applications for you. The two features I LOVE about TealHQ are 1) the percentage match for your resumé to a role you’re looking to apply to 2) the AI support to update your resumé to better align with the role. 💡 To use these 2 features fully you would need a paid subscription (the subscription is $9 a week).

I have used the free version of Teal* for years and love it, so I do highly recommend using the FREE version first before deciding to use the paid version. I only pay the $9 when I’m really in application mode, and need the additional support. You can cancel at any time, and I actually only set the subscription up in 7 day increments!

* affiliate link

5. Jobalytics: Is similar to Teal in the sense that they will analyze your resume for keywords and how well they align with the role you’re applying to. If you’re exhausted of having to change your resume over and over again, Jobalytics will help you figure out the right keywords that need to be updated so you are more likely to beat out the ATS and stand out to recruiters / hiring managers. They provide you with a ton of different options you can use to swap out overly used words / phrases on your resume for stronger key words. 

6. My Job Score: This is a really interesting Google Chrome extension that helps you find jobs that align well with your skillset and interests. Any job posting you find on your job search will be given a score out of 100 based on your resume. The higher the number the more likely the role is a good fit for what you’re looking for (particuarlly aligned with your uploaded resume) 

7. Career Connect: is a Google chrome extension that makes the follow up phase of job applications much easier. If you are applying and tracking the roles you’ve applied to ( especially using Teal) you’ll reach a point where you have applied, but haven’t heard back from the companies. And I mean no yes or no sent out – that’s what we call pending! The door isn’t closed so don’t shut it yourself. Career connect helps you craft follow up emails for the companies you’ve applied to. ‼️ REMINDER: Do NOT simply copy + paste. That goes for any AI support you get on resumés, applications …etc. They will always require a second look to make it sound more human/ more like you. 

8. Connect 6: It is difficult to keep up with new job postings on all these different job boards. Yes you can absolutely turn on notifications and have roles emailed directly to your inbox, but that can still become very overwhelming. You can’t be everywhere at the same time, physically or digitally. Connect 6 helps you manage your job seach by setting up job alerts for the roles you’re interested in. You will get notifications as new positions are posted (this gives you the advantage of applying in the first 24- 48 hours of the posting). The extension also provides tips and advice on how to prepare for interviews which is always a plus!

Around here we always work smarter and not harder! If you’re looking for more career support + access to a free remote job board I strongly implore you to sign up for my weekly career development newsletter right here! 

Until next time,
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