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50 Remote First Companies Always Hiring

Written by Millennial In debt on January 21, 2023

If the pandemic taught us anything (and truly it taught us quite a bit) it’s that many, if not a majority of jobs can be done remotely from home. With the increased productivity, lowered overhead and work life balance improvements, it is no surprise that many employers have pivoted into remote first companies. It’s hard to deny a win when you see one. As we’ve navigated through COVID-19 for the last 3 years, the opportunity to work from home has seen a sharp increase in job postings around the world. Approximately 26.2%of Americans work remotely as of 2022, and according to a recent Owl labs study 16% of companies globally are operating fully remote. 

Remote or hybrid work has become a top priority for many people in the job force seeking to transition into new roles or careers. Currently, 68% of Americans would prefer to be fully remote, and that comes as no surprise.

50 Remote First Companies Always Hiring

5 Fully Remote Entry Level Roles Paying $60,000 🆙 [no degree required]

But of course with every societal advancement or shift, you will find scammers ready to prey on people’s vulnerabilities and desires. Linked In scams are rampant and there has been an increase of job postings falsely posting remote roles only to bait and switch during the interview or hiring process. I for one do not like my time wasted, and no one likes to go through a lengthy application or interview cycle, only to find out that you’ll be required to go into the office 5 days a week. Between that and the lack of salary transparency, I am exhausted!

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen companies that have been operating successfully in a remote / hybrid model that has been beneficial for both the company and the employees. So of course that means they’ve pulled the rug out from their employees forcing them back into office at least 4 days a week. WOOF!  

I do not want that for you future millionaires! I don’t want you to give up your job search or fall victim to nonsense. Because of that, I’ve weeded out the nonsense, and put together a comprehensive list of 50 remote first jobs always hiring to help you make your next career move your best move.

You can grab that full list of 50 right here ! 

I’ll be highlighting 12 remote first companies always hiring below with amazing benefits and positive work environments (virtual of course).

remote first companies

12 Remote First Companies

Always Hiring

1. 360 Learning 

360 Learning is an EdTech B2B company that enables companies to upskill from within by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. The primary focus of their products is to build a culture of collaborative learning that allows for upskilling from within. 

Recent Job Openings:

Client Success Partner Strategic
Product Marketing 

2. Calm  

Calm is a subscription based app that focuses on mental fitness, relaxation and improving sleep. While I wouldn't categorize them as a health tech company, their goal as a company is to improve the health and happiness of their customers.   

Recent Job Openings:

Sr. Consumer Communications Manager
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

3. Coursera 

Coursera offers a large catalog of courses in various categories to help you develop, upskill and land your next role. Cost of courses differ based on length, difficulty and certification. Their main focus as a company is to transform lives through learning and help bring affordable, job-relevant education to every corner of the world.

Recent Job Openings: 

Content Strategy Manager, Computer Science & Technology

Sales Development Representative - Government

4. Dropbox 

Dropbox is a storage service that allows you the convenience of storing your computer backups, photo libraries, documents…etc in the same place. 

Recent Job Openings: 

Director, Strategy and Business Operations

Engineering Manager

5. Canopy

Canopy is a fintech (financial tech) company that helps other finance companies develop and integrate new products. This is one of the few companies on the list that offers not only remote roles in the U.S but also in Europe. So my international future millionaires, this company is definitely worth a look. 

Recent Job Openings: 

B2B Content Marketing Manager- Revenue

Technical Product Manager

6. Nextmv

Nextmv (pronounced “next move”) is a globally distributed team whose aim is to change the way companies automate and optimize decisions. The pain point this company addresses is delivering the power of decision science to every developer to diminish the space between data science and operations. 

Recent Job Openings: 

Senior Cloud Engineer

Financial Planning & Analytics 

7. TRM Labs

TRM Labs is a digital asset compliance & risk management company. They monitor, detect and investigate crypto fraud and financial crime. They support 1,000,000+ digital assets across 23 blockchains, including industry-leading NFT coverage and DeFi protocols.

Recent Job Openings: 

Senior Demand Generation Manager (Global)
Account Manager, EMEA

8. The Remote Company

The Remote Company is a learning organization that enables people to grow and achieve better results.Their primary focus as a company is to enable people to learn new skills and share their knowledge while collaborating to find the best solutions for complex decisions.

Recent Job Openings:

Currently accepting open applications 

9. Vista

Vista was likely one of the first if not first companies I ever used when I started making Millennial In Debt merch. Their main focus as a company is strengthening the design, manufacturing, and customer care to help small businesses feel big

Recent Job Openings: 

Lead Analyst
Sr. Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist

10. EdLyft

EdLyft is on a mission to equip more students for in-demand jobs they’ll love. They package the support students need to become equipped with the skills and experience they need to pivot into computer science and land top jobs.

Recent Job Openings: 

Senior Full Stack Developer

11. Skillcrush

Similar to Coursera, Skillcrush is also a company that enables upskilling during your career journey. However their unique differentiator is that their courses are predominantly tech based to further develop in the tech industry. 

Recent Job Openings: 

Teaching Assistant / Instructor

12. Zapier

Zapier is a tech company that is all about making lives easier with the power of automation. Their ideal customers are business owners / entrepreneurs and anyone that has a steady list of tasks that they need to take off their plate. Zapier’s main focus as a company is to empower people to automate their work across 5,000+ apps to prioritize productivity.  

Recent Job Openings: 

Procurement Analyst

Manager, Sales

If you found this post helpful don’t be shy share it with your network. That can be your annoying sibling, your nosey neighbor, or your work bestie. And if you’re on your career pivot journey, I’m hosting a dope free webinar on Tuesday 1.24 that you can register to join right here! I’ll be sharing how I pivoted from teacher to tech and I’ll be sharing my resume too! See you there! 

PS: Did you grab that list of 50 remote first companies? No… snatch it up here before you head out! 

Until next time,

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