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130 Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays (2020)

Written by Millennial In debt on November 27, 2020

Okay ya'll... I have searched far and wide to bring this list to you and I am hella hella hype or you to see it! I've curated this master list of black owned businesses to shop for the holidays because 1) 2020 has shown its ass one too many times, and a little self care is very much needed. 2) The black square was useless unless you then went on to do the work. As a person who talks money all the time, it is very clear to me that the true power lies in the money. The best way to show support to the Black community is to put your coin in the black community. 

I've challenged myself (and really it is not all that challenging at all), to buy 65 percent of my holiday gifts from a Black owned business. So I guess this has a slight self interested motive behind it as well. If I missed some amazing black owned businesses to shop for the holidays head over to the Instagram and drop me a line in my DMS! 


5 Ways To Support Black Owned Business 
50 Black Owned Natural Hair Product Lines To Shop On Black Friday 

This post took me quite some time, so I'm hoping you find it as helpful as I intended it to be. It was a true labor of love, but absolutely worth it. 

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays


130 Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays (2020)

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Skin Care 

1. The Restore Shop
INSTAGRAM: @therestoreshop

2. Piel Morena Skin Care
INSTAGRAM: @pielmorena_skincare

3. Nineteen.94

4. Leshea Souffle
INSTAGRAM: @Lesheasouffle

5. Kanti

6. Absolute Joi
INSTAGRAM: @Absolutejoi 

7. Afro Skin

8. Ase Naturals
INSTAGRAM: @AseNaturals

9. Ayele
INSTAGRAM: @Ayeleandco 

10. Base Butter
INSTAGRAM: @BaseButter

11. Be Transcendent Skin
INSTAGRAM: @Betransendentskin  

12. Beneath Your Mask
INSTAGRAM: @Beneathyourmask 

13. Black Girl Sunscreen
INSTAGRAM: @BlackGirlSunScreen 

14. Bolden USA

15. Epara Skin Care
INSTAGRAM: @Eparaskincare 

16. Epi Logic Skin Care 
INSTAGRAM: @Epi.Logic 

17. Eve Milan NY
INSTAGRAM: @Evemilan.ny

18. Hana Hana Beauty 
INSTAGRAM: @HanaHana_Beauty

19. Jade Fox

20. Shop Kaike
INSTAGRAM: @Shopkaike 

21. Nola Skin Sentials
INSTAGRAM: @Nolaskinsentials 

22. Nyakio Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @nyakiobeauty 

23. Pholk Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @PholkBeauty 

24. Rosen Skin Care
INSTAGRAM: @RosenSkinCare 

25. Tropical Organicz
INSTAGRAM: @tropicalorganicz 

26. Center In
INSTAGRAM: @Centerinco  

27. 3 Cay G 
INSTAGRAM: @3cayg 

28. Smoothie Skin Care

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Apparel + Fashion 

1 Free The Soul Clothing 
INSTAGRAM: @freethesoulclothing 

2 Bratty Baddie Co
INSTAGRAM: @BrattyBaddieCo

3 Laced NY Kicks

4. Blk Proud Forever
INSTAGRAM: @BlkProudForever

5. Persevere Lifestyle

6 Aude Theodore
INSTAGRAM: @Audetheodore 

7. Undefined Clothing 
INSTAGRAM: @_UndefinedClothing

8. Hadiyah's Closet
INSTAGRAM: @hadiyahs.closet 

9. Wear Shego  
INSTAGRAM: @Wearshego

10. The Vyne Shop
INSTAGRAM: @TheVyneShop  

11. Nati Soul
INSTAGRAM: @ShopNatiSoul

12. Shun Melson
INSTAGRAM: @ShunMelson 

13 The Sable Collective
INSTAGRAM: @Thesablecollective 

14. Lydia Endora
INSTAGRAM: @LydiaEndora  

15. FBF Body

16. MCSIMSZ Official 
INSTAGRAM: @mcsimsz 

17. 87 Treasures
INSTAGRAM: @87Treasures 

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Food + Beverage

1. Made By Lino
INSTAGRAM: @lito610 

2 Sugar Hill Cremery
INSTAGRAM: @SugarHillCremery

3. The Spice Suite
INSTAGRAM: @Thespicesuite  

4. Bad N Boozy
INSTAGRAM: @badnboozy_ny 

5. Renaissance Cheesecakes
INSTAGRAM: @Renaissancecheesecakes  

6. Cookie Society
INSTAGRAM: @Cookiesociety  

7. Taste Of Heaven RB
INSTAGRAM: @Tasteofheavenrb 

8. Birdies Biscuits
INSTAGRAM: @Birdies_Biscuits  

9. Dear Dacy
INSTAGRAM: @DearDacy  

10. Snooky's Custom Cakes 

11. Sol Cacao

12. Vivere Chocolate
INSTAGRAM: @cocoavivere

13. Whipped Urban Dessert Lab
INSTAGRAM: @UrbanDessertLab

14. The Bakery On Bergen

15. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream
INSTAGRAM: @MikeyLikesItIcecream

16. Pipcorn
INSTAGRAM: @PipSnacks 

17. Lee Lee's Rugelach
INSTAGRAM: @LeeLeesrugelach

18. Justice of The Pies
INSTAGRAM: @Justiceofthepies

19. Creme and Coco Cremery
INSTAGRAM: @CremeCocoanyc

20. Gooey On The Inside Cookies
INSTAGRAM: @Gooeyondinside

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays


1. Hoop Mob

2. Hyacinth Belly Beads
INSTAGRAM: @Hyacinth_Bellybeads 

3. Kelsie Starr

4. The Nu Bamboo
INSTAGRAM: @Thenubamboo

Beauty + Makeup 

1. Irreesistible
INSTAGRAM: @IR.Reesistible 

2. Sincerely VK
INSTAGRAM: @Sincerely.vk 

3. Shop Maad
INSTAGRAM: @ShopMaadHair  

4. Mented Cosmetics
INSTAGRAM: @MentedCosmetics  

5. The Wrap Life

6. Olympias Canvas
INSTAGRAM: @OlympiasCanvas 

7. Ace Beaute
INSTAGRAM: @Acebeaute 

8. AJ Crimson Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @Ajcrimsonbeauty  

9. Beauty Bakerie Makeup
INSTAGRAM: @BeautyBakerieMakeup 

10. Black Opal Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @Blackopalbeauty 

11. Bossy Lipstick
INSTAGRAM: @BossyLipstick  

12. Coloured Raine
INSTAGRAM: @ClouredRaine 

13. Glo Girl Cosmetics
INSTAGRAM: @GlogirlCosmetics  

14. Gold Label Cosmetics
INSTAGRAM: @GoldLabelCosmetics 

15. Imani Cosmetics 
INSTAGRAM: @imanicosmetics 

16. Lamik Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @Lamikbeauty 

17. Matic Cosmetics
INSTAGRAM: @Maticcosmetics 

18. Luna Magic Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @Lunamagicbeauty  


19. Omolewa Makeup
INSTAGRAM: @Omolewa_cosmetics 

20. Pound Cake Cosmetics
INSTAGRAM: @Poundcake 

21. Range Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @Range_Beauty 

22. The Crayon Case
INSTAGRAM: @TheCrayonCase 

23. The Lip Bar

24. Uoma Beauty
INSTAGRAM: @UomaBeauty  

25. Your Lash Bar
INSTAGRAM: @YourLashBar 

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Health + Wellness 

1. Live Irie Moss

2. Beauty Herbs and Tea
INSTAGRAM: @Beautyherbsandtea 

3. Earthy Melange Co.
INSTAGRAM: @Earthymelangeco 

4. Vtox Body
INSTAGRAM: @Vtoxbody  

5. The Well Co Store
INSTAGRAM: @Thewellcostore  

6. Lulus Holistics   
INSTAGRAM: @Luluholisticskincare 

7. Alaffia

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays


1 Queen and Baby Box

2. Elizabeth Ashley Co.
INSTAGRAM: @ElizabethAshleyCo 

3. Semi Colon Chi
INSTAGRAM: @SemicolonChi

4. The Wonder Paw
INSTAGRAM: @TheWonderPaw 

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays


1. Finance IQ

2. Mentor Me
INSTAGRAM: @AshleyAsshire

3. Black On Black
INSTAGRAM: @BlackOnBlack 

4. Joires' Spa Studio
INSTAGRAM: @Joiresspa  

5. Captured Bye Kanem
INSTAGRAM: @Capturedbyekanem 

6. Grit X Grace Writing
INSTAGRAM: @Gritxgracellc  

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Nail Care 

1. Lisa Lacquer

2. Taylord Tips
INSTAGRAM: @Taylordtips 

3. Shop Press On Honey
INSTAGRAM: @pressonhoney 

Black Owned Businesses To Shop For The Holidays

Home Decor, Art, + Accessories 

1 The Candle Project 
INSTAGRAM: @ElizabethAsheyCo

2.Embroider Bee LLC

3. Medically Lit
INSTAGRAM: @MedicallylitLLC

4. Timeless Home Interiors
INSTAGRAM: @timelesshomeinteriors  

5. Paper Standards
INSTAGRAM: @paperstandards 


6 Krumble Krafts 
INSTAGRAM: @KrumbleKrafts

7. Love Joy Scents
INSTAGRAM: @LoveJoyScents 

8. Defoe Studio
INSTAGRAM: @Defoestudio 

9. Addie Rawr

10. Sierra Studio Art
INSTAGRAM: @Sierre.Preche 

11. Mkoby Art

12. Petty Candle Co
INSTAGRAM: @Pettcandleco 

13. The Melanated Candle Co
INSTAGRAM: @_themelanatedcandleco

14. The DMW Collection
Instagram: @thedmwcollection 

15. Marie's Halo
INSTAGRAM: @maries_halo 

16. Melanie Odelusi
INSTAGRAM: @Melarieodelusi  

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Until next time, 


Hey there! I'm Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I'm busy teaching the future of society.
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