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6 Alternatives To Coconut Oil For Natural Hair

Written by Millennial In debt on December 21, 2015

Coconut oil is a holy grail item for many naturalistas, however sometimes what works so well for many won't work well for others. That is just a fact of life. We also have many naturalistas that are allergic to coconut and cant bask in the greatness that is coconut oil. But not to fret, there are alternatives that can work just as great if not better, and become a new holy grail item in your hair care regimen.

Personally I've had to lay off the coconut oil recently because of my protein overload issues these past few months. During that time I've had great results with these alternatives so they come high recommended!

6 Alternatives To Coconut Oil For Natural Hair

71k5NCSnTSL._SY679_1. Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed oil is an extremely light (and fairly in expensive) oil which makes it one of my favorites. The essential fatty acids helps keep dry skin and hair at bay. This oil is so light it can work as a sealant, pre-poo or partake in your heat protecting methods. Many naturalistas swear up and down by Grapeseed oil as their only method of heat protectant, because of its high tolerance to heat. However I don't personally recommend that. I do however think it should be used in conjunction with your heat protectant for extra protection.

61rQxPqQxCL._SY679_2. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil is my favorite oil of choice right now (that and Olive oil) for several reasons. I've already raved about the benefits of using jojoba oil in your hair and skin care regimen,  but there's nothing wrong with reaffirming why its crucial. Jojoba oil has antibacterial properties, and is the only oil that matches the natural oils that our scalp produces. This helps in balancing oil production, and decreasing scalp irritation and bacteria. This leaves you with a healthier head of hair and a better chance at stimulating growth and maintaining length. What more can you ask for? I could ask for a cheaper price I suppose... Jojoba is the most expensive oil I own (along with Tea Tree oil) so I use it wisely!

3. Babassu Oil: I initially wrote about Babassu Oil here a few months ago when I first started learning about the oil. I was using Mielle Organics products and they had it in quite a few of their products. So when I looked a little further I found that Babassu Oil is really just the cousin of coconut oil, and a much lighter version at that.  While I haven't used Babassu Oil by itself I am thrilled by how it works well in my hair care regimen through the use of my Mielle Organics Sulfate Free Babassu Oil Shampoo and Deep Conditioner. IF you are looking to just use Babassu Oil as a coconut oil replacement it can be a bit tricky finding in store, but Amazon (has everything) has 160z bottle for a decent price.

81l2FsUXjFL._SY679_4. Olive OilUh duh... Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) has been my go to oil of choice since I started my transition to natural hair. Why? Because Olive Oil is the ish No seriously this oil has some great benefits starting with its moisturizing properties. Olive oil is able to penetrate the shaft of the hair and moisturize from within, instead of simply coating the strands. It is also one of the inexpensive oil options that can be found in most supermarkets as well.

5. Almond Oil: Almond oil was my go to oil for 2015. My favorite is the Mint Almond Oil from Mielle Organcs (use coupon code: TRESSES for a discount). Almond oil is now in my arsenal for both hair and skin care needs. Almond oil is extremly dense without being heavy or sticky. It is made of mono saturated and unsaturated fats which helps battle excessive dry hair and skin.

71Eixx+ov0L._SY679_6. Avocado Oil: Avocado oil is new to my hair care routine and I mostly use it for my pre-poo sessions. Avocado oil is very similar to olive oil as it is able to penetrate the shaft of the hair and moisturize from within as well. It is  filled with vitamins and minerals that protect and improve your hair long after the oil has been washed out.  Be aware the reason I took so long to try avocado oil is because it is a bit pricy and not readily found everywhere.

What are your oil choices for your natural hair care routine? We've gathered up the 10 best oils for your pre-poo and deep conditioning that you may want to check out for new ideas and oils that may solve your hair needs!

If you found this info helpful remember sharing is caring! Don't be shy, share this post with your loved ones and help them get their natural hair care regimen under way as well!

alternatives to coconut oil for natural hair

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  1. I understand all of these alternatives to coconut oil. But how to find shampoo with these oils instead of coconut. I have looked and looked. It does not seem that there are alternatives that do not have SLS. Can you help?

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