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7 Best Marley Hair Brands For Your Protective Styles

Written by Millennial In debt on July 9, 2015

All Marley Hair is certainly not created equal and I'm sure you've learned or experienced that when trying out different popular protective styles like Twists, Braids, Faux Locs and Crochet Braids. Choosing the right marley hair can make or break your style, and with some of these styles costing an arm and a leg if done professionally you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. So we've compiled a list of the top 7 brands of marley hair that are not only inexpensive but will have heads turning your way when you rock your protective styles.

7 Best Marley Hair Brands For Your Protective Styles

B_afro_kinky_bulk_24_2701. Janet Noir Collection: I just about love every type of hair in the Janet collections and the "Noir collection" is no different. And at 3.99 in most beauty supply stores in person and online, that is a super beauty steal.

2. Vanessa Marley Braid: Vanessa is usually second line if you can't find the Janet collection in your local beauty supply store. Many many popular Youtubers use this brand for their protective styles so it has been backed by some pretty big reviews. This hair runs about 5 dollars a pack, a littler pricier than the Janet collection but still no where near Havana hair's hefty price.

41LhWPoII9L3. Femi Marley Collection: This brand of Marley hair is also going to cost you about 5.00 dollars a pack and holds a great curl whether you are doing crochet braids or curling the ends of your Marley twists. What I like the most is this hair looks great in its large natural afro state as well as when it is curled with flex rods or perm rods.

51-uInkqZFL4. FreeTress Cuban Twist Braid: I recently found out about this brand of hair and I've really fallen in love with many of their collections especially the marley braid and twisting hair. I've been using it to add a bit of volume to my top knot protective styles but it is also great for twists, braids, and crochet styles.

61DnJWzD7JL._SX522_5. FreeTress Equal Marley Braid: This Marley Hair may very well be in the running for my favorite (close second behind the Janet Noir Collection). Though I'm not a fan of their curlier hair (used for Crochet Braids) This hair is awesome for twists and faux locs. FreeTress has gone up in a price a bit from the time I remembered it but everything in the natural hair community seems to be following suit.

MDL2_SB_BMB22-2T6. Model Model Natural Chunky Twist Marley Hair: Model Model hair can be pretty hit or miss for me but their Marley hair has always been a successful go to when doing crochet braids (water wave is my best friend but the Marley Hair is a close second) and lasts the test of time. I don't prefer them when doing a braid/ twist style but definitely Model Model takes the cake for me for curly/wavy crochet styles that you can use flexi rods or perm rods on with ease.

bantu-twist-braid7. Bobbi Boss Bantu Twist Hair: I just learned of this hair brand (I don't know where I was living) and I am in love with it.  This one cost a bit more (6.49 a pack) but is totally worth it for the outcome. Although it doesnt say "Marley Hair" on the package it has the same texture and curl pattern as Marley hair but is easier to manage. I especially love how it already come super defined and you can rock it without the use of flexi rods or perm rods for quite some time if you so choose.

Have you had experience with these Marley Hair brands? If so share your thoughts/opinions with us below!

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  1. I'm trying at least one of these next. I've heard great things about Noir but didn't know it was that cheap and Cuban twist I fell I'm lobe with that hair crochet style. I so can't wait to do mine!!

  2. When using any marley hair product, when doing a crochet style, can you blow r flat iron to wear it straight? If so which name brand?

    1. Yes you can on low heat if you are going to flat iron it it should be on like 200 degrees or lower if possible but watch youtube videos to learn how to do it properly so you won't burn the hair

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