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Which Shea Moisture Hair Collection Is Best For You? @SheaMoisture

Written by Millennial In debt on June 15, 2016
Shea moisture hair collection

FTC: This post is not sponsored. My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

UPDATED (4/19/2017): See our updated Shea Moisture Hair collection post here! 

If it seems like every time you turn around there is a new Shea Moisture Hair collection out... you may be right. I remember when I started my natural hair journey I only knew of two hair collections. Now Shea Moisture's brand has expanded beautifully and have over 15 hair collections to meet your hair needs. If you're new to the natural hair game, lost, or just want to learn more about what is out there I've broken down the Shea Moisture hair collections by your hair needs. I've personally had experience with over 10 of their lines (I'm a product junkie I just can't help myself) and each one is really formulated to help address different issues our hair may be experiencing. With specific key ingredients there is a Shea Moisture hair collection that is made specifically for you.

Which Shea Moisture Hair Collection Is Best For You?

Dry/ Itchy Scalp (dandruff/psoriasis): African Black Soap Line


The African Black Soap Line from Shea Moisture focuses on relieving dry itchy scalp. People who suffer from dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis would benefit most from this line. The key ingredients prevalent in the African Black Soap Hair Collection are obviously African Black Soap, coconut oil, and plantain enzyme.

Low Porosity: Baobab & Tea Tree Oils


This is one of the latest Shea Moisture hair care lines and I stumbled onto it at Target just a few weeks ago. I am so happy to see this line was created because Shea Moisture is a crucial line to naturalistas everywhere but certain ingredients can really be detrimental to our hair care. Women with low porosity hair have a hard time taking in moisture. Therefore the focus in this hair care line is all about moisturizing and balancing your moisture resistant strands.


{Proper Hair Care Routine For Low Porosity Hair }
{Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair}

High Porosity: Mongongo Hemp Seed Oils


The Mongongo Hemp Sead Oils is the opposite of the Low porosity hair care line, as high porosity hair requires different things. This line focuses on sealing the moisture in to your hair that often escapes if you suffer from high porosity.


{Proper Hair Care Routine For High Porosity Hair}
{Products To Tackle High Porosity Hair}

Thick/ Coarse Hair: Coconut & Hibiscus


This was the first line I ever used from Shea Moisture and it is what made me fall in love with the brand as well as my natural hair. The key featured ingredients of this line are coconut oil, silk protein, and and neem oil. These ingredients are great for tackling/ detangling/ moisturizing and nourishing thicker courser natural hair.

Fine/Thin Hair: Fruit Fusion Coconut Water


The Fruit Fusion Coconut Water hair care line is made for finer/thinner hair that requires a lighter thought. I like to think of this as the counter product to the Coconut and Hibiscus line. What I like about this line is it has a styler, cleanser, hair masque, conditioner, and spritz!


{Thin Hair vs. Fine Hair: What's The Difference? }
{Hair Care For Fine Natural Hair }

Type 4 Hair: Raw Shea Butter


The raw Shea butter collection is great for damaged hair and for those who are transitioning because of the presence of  Shea Butter, Argan Oil, and Sea Kelp. However I find that the Raw Shea Butter line also works great for women with type four hair in general. It provides moisture, great slip, and is thick enough to help ease the detangling process.

Type 3 Hair: Superfruit Complex


This is absolutely one of my favorite Shea Moisture hair care lines and the hair masque is my favorite product. I think the Superfruit complex works best on type three curls, but really you cant go wrong with this line on any hair type you have. Then why the type three suggestion? The super fruit 10-in-1 complex helps with elasticity that gives that extra boing in your curls especially when doing a wash and go. While women with type 4 hair can certainly benefit (like I said this line is awesome for ALL) I worry about recommending wash and gos to women with type 4 hair for fear of the single strand knot! If that is not a huge concern of yours then please please please feel free to give this amazing line a try!

Dry/ Damaged Hair : Jamaican Black Castor Oil


When Shea Moisture came out with their JBCO line the natural world went crazy and with good reason. This line catered to women's prized possession: their Edges! It also contained ingredients that focused on strengthening and growing your hair. Women who suffer from dry or damaged hair should definitely give this line a try. I do warn that it does contain a strong amount of protein and if you have a protein sensitivity you should avoid this line!

Color Treated: Zanzibar Marine Complex


This is another Shea Moisture line that I stumbled on while aimlessly wandering the beauty aisles in Target. This line is focused on protecting your hair from fading if color treated as well as adding in extra protein that our hair often loses when colored. I've been using this product lately to upkeep my recently colored hair and I'm loving how soft it leaves my hair without worrying about fading my color out.

Oily Hair: African Water Mint & Ginger

shea moisture hair collection

If you're like me and want to oil your scalp more often but realize your hair would become an oil slick... then you need this product in your life. The African Water Mint and Ginger hair care line is meant to detox your hair/scalp, refresh your hair while being gentle as well. It takes away the excess oil without stripping your hair down and making it feel dry.

What Shea Moisture Hair collection is your favorite? Which one has worked wonders on your natural hair? Share your thoughts with us below!

You can also get more natural hair inspo on our dedicated Pinterest page to everything natural hair!



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  1. Good job and nice products.

    My hair is very soft and keeps breaking. I mean it keeps chopping off, I am now becoming bald. I don't know what to do. AndI have be doing natural for the past 4 years now. Pls I need help

    1. Could you possibly be experiencing alopecia? I think it is best to see a dermatologist to see what could be the resulting cause of the sudden hair loss.

    2. Hey I have mixed hair and I’m struggling to choose between the Raw Shea butter range and the Jamaican Black Castor oil range because I have transitioning hair as well as I want to grow and strengthen my hair.
      Please could you advise me 🙁

  2. Thanks for this. just bought my first shampoo and conditioner in the manuka honey and mafura oil intesive hydration. Wanted it the raw shea butter they were not in stock. but bought the extra transitioning milk and the damage and repair serum.

    1. You can check on their website, Ulta,and Target one of em usually has it but I know the feeling! I've searched for a few of these sometimes and came out buying others because of the same situation! lol !!

  3. I am a huge fan of Shea Moisture products! I transitioned for 6 months before BC, right away I used and fell in love with their products. I started with JBCO products, all of them, lol. I wanted length and I wanted it fast! I truly believe using that product line and developing a routine helped my TWA become a medium sized fro in less than a year. I have since branched out and started using the raw shea butter and coconut and hibbicus products, which have worked great on my hair as well. I would say my hair type is 3b-3c, and its very thick!!! Like forreal thick lol. I mostly wear my hair in wng, twist outs, and coils. I've worn some protective styles, but mostly I rock my fro. I'm excited to try the fruit complex products, to see what wonders they'll bring. Great article!!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading! I totally agree you should stick to whatever is working before jumping the gun! Best of luck on your hair journey!

    2. I tried the fruit complex conditioner. I love the slip. Knots, kinks no problem. I was pleasantly surprised. And it smells so good.

        1. my hair is kinky curly super curly and I am not sure which product is better for keeping it soft and manageable........... those curls turn to little beedy beads that I pull out and I am so sick of doing that. It has almost tempted me to perm my hair and I have been natural since july 2014

          1. I would try the Pink Coconut and hibiscus line for softness and manageability but if you are having other issues with your hair such as dryness or low porosity there are other options that may be a better fit.

    1. You have several different concerns. I personally would pick the most pressing issue and try the line dedicated to that issue first before overloading your hair with products. My first choice would probably be the African Black Soap line since you mentioned dandruff.

  4. I have natural blonde, medium thickness hair. I always have to brush it since it is never nice and smooth, it becomes super stringy and lifeless not too long after I go through it with a brush. I just want my hair to be smooth and soft without looking oily and weighed down like some products do. I have tried so many products I just don't know where to go from here. Which one of these products would work best for me? I really want to give Shea Moisture a try.

  5. I have type 4 hair that often feels oily, gritty and dry. It's also thick yet fine and I'm not sure what my porosity is. I'm trying to grow my hair and define my curls but I feel like it's damaged. I'm not sure which line to choose.

  6. Hello, I'm currently in my 6th month of transitioning to natural. I just had to stop getting relaxers, It was good for my hair but not good for my scalp. I was diagnosis with a type of dermatitis a few years ago. The product/medication that I used, thinned my hair out pretty bad. I changed the product/shampoo on my own and began using sulfur 8, which wasn't the best, but it worked. My stylist washed with sulfur 8 initially then rewashed with another due to sulfur 8 creating a very dry texture. Four years later and having dry scalp /hair, I've decided to go natural. I'm using the Shea Moisture line with the shampoo, condition(which I use as a leave in) & the hair milk. Its' okay but I think that I must try something else. I have not big chopped and don't plan to at this time. I plan to continue with protective styles until a year from now. I do have high porosity hair, do you think your high porosity line will work better for me? My stylist has retired and never used Shea moisture products. We discuss my transition often, he has also recommend the high porosity line. Thank you

  7. I started using their dandruff shampoo and cond. but not the minty one because I didn't want my scalp to get dry in the cold. I think I'll continue using it even after this sporadic bout if itchy scalp disappears because it's made my hair so soft and I've had notable growth in a weeks time. My hair is bleached so it's very easy to tell. I love this product line and even use the moisturizing black soap body wash with my exfoliating towel for glowing skin!

  8. Hello.

    I just began using Shea Moistures Resilient Growth Root Stimulator, with bamboo extract and Mack root,and I was wondering what your take on this certain product line would be, because I dont know ifd I should continue usingf it or if I should just switch to JBCO product like I wanted to in the first place. I'm looking to see if it's better than the JBCO when it comes to hair growth, because many people have tried it and liked it, and I've seen great results on a family members head after a year. Thank you

    P.s. I have type 4 hair

  9. I am looking for a regimen from shampoo to conditioners for extremely dry hair. I take biotin and hair vitamins but my hair continues to be dry, brittle and not growing due to High Blood Pressure meds. Can your products help me?

  10. Hi Melissa, Thank You so much for this guide! It is a time (and life) saver! I was feeling so overwhelmed and this really helped because I like the Shea Moisture brand in general. Since Shea Moisture has added even MORE collections, will you have a chance to review the remaining 10 lines and update your article? I hope so! 🙂

  11. I recently just took out some senegalese and they took my hair out ALOT and now my hair is extremely thin than ever??. I've never tried shea moisture products. Which would you recommend for fast, thick grow?

  12. My hair is type 3. Curly but not to thick, but really frizzy. I have been using the curl enhancing smoothie and I'm not getting the defined curls or less frizz. Help please. What should I use?

  13. I've been doing trial & error a whhillle now . I've been transitioning for 3 years & started out with cantu , the products did well on my hair until it started drying my hair . My hair has always been thick reaaaally thick & I've used shea moisture black castor oil and restoring shampoo but I don't think it worked quite well with my hair, but I liked how the texture of it went for me & want to try another collection . So my question is which collection would you recommend for dry , thinning hair that can't maintain moisture?

  14. Great article; thank you. My hair holds moisture and curls up really tight. What can I use to keep my two strain Twists full, shiny and healthy?
    Thank you.

  15. Hi i wanted to know which shea moisture would you recommend for dry brittle hair. & when i wash my hair i lose a lot of hair, & even when my hair is dry it's hard to comb through.

  16. I love shea moisture I use coconuts and hibiscus and my hair looks,feels, and smells good #where have you been all my life

  17. Hi my hair is dry and damaged due to years of perms and heat. what products can i use in order for my hair to stop braking and start growing

  18. I have be trying to my hair for the last 2 years and I feel like my hair is not going anywhere I have tired the hair infinity pill for 2 months and didn't see an results so the I give my hair a break I and switched to just take in the regular biton pills for about two months as well now I still haven't seen any growth with my hair and products that I've been using have been the shea Jamaica black castor oil their whole entire line as well as wild growth I'm to the point where I just won't to cut it all off and start fresh

  19. I have relaxed color treated hair,and I tried the Manuka honey line shampoo and my hair was in my hands but my hair was soft....Now I am trying the Jamaican castor oil line. The shampoo and mask is crazy in a good way. So I picked up the hair lotion it makes my hair soft but my hair is shedding like crazy,is this normal???

    1. I'm not sure if the shedding is normal. if it persists and is more than you are used to I suggest seeing a specialist to make sure that it is nothing serious.

    2. I would stop using the hair lotion and see if the shedding stops. The JBCO line is supposed to be for damaged hair. Sometimes we can use too many products.

  20. Which product(s) should I use for a wash and go style. My hair is naturally curly after washing it. I would like to maintain the curl with as little shrinkage as possible once my hair is dry. What would you recommend. Also, I recently started wearing my hair in a wash and go style because my hair became damaged (not sure why, possibly a keratin-like protein treatment - no chemicals just a mouse that made my hair straight when heat is applied.) and is extremely thin now and my edges have broken off. My hair has not been permed in over 4 years; however, I do color the grays.

    Any tips and products that you could recommend would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I just want to restore my hair. so that it's healthy and full. Thank you!


  21. Hi, I'm not sure which of your different hair types I would fit into - I colour my hair, I would say it has normal (as opposed to oily or dry) but can be dry at the ends. It can be frizzy or curly depending on the humidity (it looks nicer in a humid climate). Where I currently live isn't humid though so it can look like a "bush" - not flattering..... So, which Shea Moisture would you recommend for me?

    Thank you so much for your guidance,
    Miranda 🙂

  22. Hi, I am using , the Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus conditioner , and this is the first Eve product I have bought, I wanted to buy Shea moisture products since when but living in India and buying imported products is a huge expense all together , so it took me a long time to buy the product, but unbelievably this conditioner is working wonders , I have never felt my hair so smooth and soft, I'm having a 3c texture , and this conditioner is just so wonderful......

  23. Are these products good for Caucasian females who have curly permed hair??? If so. Which products are best curly even though it’s not natural curl or damaged from perm solutions?

  24. Hello. Since I was younger My hair is dry and freezy curly not shinning or soft and low to growing . my family always do relaxed when I was young. After a year I have been doing colors and quimicals. As an adult I do brazilian blog so I'll tried many products and non of the was good even Shea mosture cause it is not retaining the product in my hair just a little time and then become freezy again with the same carecteristics I gave you . I decide to cut so short like a in the army and I didn't do colors or químicals stuff and I condition while was growing and it is the same now that it grow a little more and only I do colorall over my hair to cover a white hair and to shinning but I don't do often just every 2' 3 months or less. I'll trying manuka oil by the line of Shea butter mosture but it doesn't work and low porosity and was so dried my hair so they recommend me raw Shea butter and Jamaican Castillo oil but my hair I don't do so químicals and I don't use heat. Now they told me it that no matter. My hair continue dry and I stick with the Jamaican black Castillo oil line where is a little better cause no long ago I used. It is the enberonment in my tropical island that I use to lived and now I live in Texas that is dry or it is my age 52 now that make a lot of changes or was the químicals since I was young cause now is my hair stran changes at my age?

  25. The great collection first of all. Description of all the products works as a guide for the user. One stop introduction to all the products helps the user to choose the right one for the issues he or she has. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I stop using Relaxers For my hair . I am looking for a good
    Product to start ha I gotta curly hair. What can work for a person. How is Star a new hair Journey .

  27. Can u please tell me some good products to use on my relaxed permed hair please help thanks

  28. Which Shea moisture products would you recommend for a type 4c low porosity hair during summer and during the winter.

  29. Hi there
    I’m still confused which to buy although thanks for review
    My hair is quite tight toils and quite thick
    I’m 56 and had locks for like ten years which I want to cut off
    I don’t wish to dye anymore either.
    My hair is dry and my scalp
    Find it hard to keep moisture in my hair
    Which product should I try??

  30. I have normal porosity curls that lose definition from the crown really quick. Not very dry but i want them more hydrated and softer. Also i get dandruff in winters. Can you please suggest me some products?

  31. Thanks for the information!
    What would you recommend for a 3c hair type against frizz and for reducing volume?
    I can't get the result that I want for my hair - to be longer and not too much voluminous. (I have long hair :))

  32. Can I use different Shea moisture products. For example I’m 4C low porosity thin hair (maybe due to my age). So can I mix and match? This has nothing to do with Shea moisture however, do you know of a produce that will lay TRUE 4C edges down? Sista needs some help

  33. This was super helpful. I have (had?) A mix of 3a/3b and have been mostly natural for years, except for Aveda color every eight weeks. my hair was really healthy up until a few weeks ago when a combo of freezing weather, salt water pool, and too much glycerin caught up with me. Now my hair is fried! I was thinking of trying out the SM JBCO line and now I'm convinced, thanks!

  34. Hey. So I recently have been trying out different shampoos for my relaxed hair and everytime I purchase one, I end up realizing that it has quite a few flaws that can damage my hair. I would always overlook this type of shampoo because of my relaxed hair and thought that it wouldn’t have been effective for me, but I realized that Shea Moisture has multiple types of shampoo for different types of hair. Does anyone know which Shea Moisture Shampoo thats best for relaxed hair? ?

  35. Hi, do you have a suggestion for wavy hair? I have thick very wavy hair that tends to be frizzy and dry at the ends, i also have a lot of issues with tangling. I am currently using the coconut and hibiscus line but was interested in trying out more products from shea moisture, do you have any suggestions?

  36. Thanks for your nicely detailed reviews of the various lines!

    I need help! I have a combination of various hair types listed above. I have high porosity hair so it's always dry. I have dry/itchy scalp so I get dandruff in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure if my hair is damaged or not, but it feels weak. So I'm in between the African black soap line, the Jamaican black castor oil line, and the high porosity line. Any suggestions?

  37. I needed to read this because I wanted to know which Shea moisture product would be good for me I'm currently transitioning

  38. My favorite right now in the marufa oli and manuka honey leave in milk and shampoo and conditioner & also the coconut hibiscus leave in milk

  39. Ive been transitioning for 7/8 months and my scalp gets flaky at times like i would scratch and you can see yellowish brown stuff under my fingernails i dont think its dandruff because i dont have an oily scalp so i think i just have a dry scalp. Other than that i dont have a problem i just want to know what line would you recommend for transitioning and a dry scalp. Thank you

  40. Hello, I’ve been looking for a healthy way to bring back my long luscious hair! I did highlight my hair and went through a phase of highlights and then it thinned out and my hair then got damaged. So after that i went and got my natural hair color. But now I’m trying to grow it out, healthy and strong. Shea moisture has always been my go to for my skin. And now I’m thinking about using it for my hair. But I’m not so sure which one is best for my hair... I do have thin caramel color hair and it gets dry so I currently use a moisture shampoo and conditioner but it’s expensive. But want to save some money. But anyway, hoping you can help to give me some ideas! Thank you!!!

  41. Hi. I recently bought 2 products. The shampoo Jamaican black castor oil and conditioner african black soap. However I'm not sure if this is the right brand for me. Is it good for Indian hair? Im Indian and have very sleek straight hair but recently I noticed my hair is thinner and falls out alot after washing it. Even the hair on the scalp looks thinner and flat. What is the best product to use to thicken my hair and allow for better growth.


  42. I have very short hair and it doesn't grow well it gives me itches on my scalp with some injuries when I scratch. I really don't know what type of product I should use of the shea moisture or any other brand of hair treatments pls i need some help here???.

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