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10 Things Not Worth Buying On Black Friday

Written by Millennial In debt on November 23, 2020

FTC: This post is not sponsored and I am not a financial advisor. All thoughts and weird opinions are my own. 

Did you see my last post? [ 5 Things To Avoid On Black Friday ] Okay... now that you've caught up on the basics, now we're going to take a deep dive into the 10 things not worth buying on Black Friday. This post will focus on the items/ products that we think are on deep sale, but the reality is the stores are being FAKE! 


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things not worth buying on Black Friday

10 Things Not Worth Buying On Black Friday 

1. Fitness Equipment 

We know the cycle that occurs every year: New Year New Me. Every year many people decide to improve their physical fitness. The exercise and gym industry pay very close attention to that, and thus giving their best deals after Black Friday. The closer you get to the New Year the more likely you are to get better deals. The best time is to start looking right after Christmas prior to New Year's celebrations. 

2. Winter Coats 

My biggest advice all the time when you are shopping is to buy off market. That means shopping for winter clothes at the end of winter into the spring season. Winter coats are at an all time high during the tale end of the Fall. Even when I shop for necessities, I still look for the best deal to save me some coin. Winter coat are necessary, especially if you live in a place like NYC with immensely unpredictable weather conditions (especially in the Winter)

Bulky winter jackets start to go on real sale in January as the stores make room for their spring clothes. If you can wait a few weeks post holiday season, you'll get your necessities at a great price. 

3. Latest Smartphone 

Surprise Surprise... the latest smartphones will usually come out in the 3rd quarter of the year to build hype for the 4th quarter holiday shopping season. That means if you really want to save money on a new phone, you should wait until September. That is when the latest phone will go on sale drastically, to make room for the newer phone coming out in a few weeks.

Apple tends to do late October/ November releases to get everyone excited for holiday gift giving. By the following September their getting ready for their next releases. I'm always 3-4 phones behind the most modern version, and I never find that I am too far behind tech wise. If I can keep up with the demands of social media evolution with a 3 year old phone, you can wait to get your best deal a few months after its initial release. 

4. Jewelry 

Jewelers aren't looking to do their best deals during the holiday season. You can expect the big discounts for jewelry purchases after January in time for Valentine's Day. You can expect a bigger discount in preparation for Valentine's day rather than Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day. 

Though we all love a great Christmas engagement, if you're shopping for something shiny, wait until January - March and save it for next year's holidays season. 

5. Holiday Decorations 

This may rub people the wrong way, but I don't believe in holiday decorations. Actually let me rephrase that... I believe in them... they are real. I don't believe in spending money on holiday decorations, because they are usually over priced. If you really want to purchase holiday decorations I suggest buying them the day after Christmas. Boxing Day will give you the absolute best discounted deals for your decoration purchases, 

If you can wait a year, plan your holiday decoration motif a year in advance with deals you find the day after Christmas. (Same goes for Halloween FYI- if you want a good deal on candy wait until November 1st - though you should not eat that candy a year later). 

6, Bedding

Bedding is another item that goes on sale typically in January. Why we don't know (well at least I don't) but it is not unusual to see bedding discounted as much as 50-80% consistently during the month of January. So if you can hold out for a few weeks, you can get that duvet deal you deserve for your adult life and adult bedding (time to say goodbye to the Target Jersey knit ya'll ... we not in college anymore) . 

7;. Final Sale Items 

This can be tricky because clearance racks always seem to have the best deals that we can't see to pass up (walking away from the clearance rack is a learned skill.) However, buying final sale items on Black Friday will leave you with quite the headache if Murphy's Law strikes. Meaning... if you are gifting items that are final sale and something goes wrong... you are pretty screwed. These types of items are almost imposbl to return or exchange, so if you know you are unsure about the gift don't buy it with the final sale sticker attached to it. 

8. Air Conditioners 

I know I know... I told you to buy off season... so that means you would buy an air conditioner in the winter right? Well... wrong. The best time to buy an air conditioner is right at the end of summer or towards the end of summer. These types of major appliances and seasonal products tend to go on sale towards the end of their season, and or/ during back to school times. I know it may seem like you're late... but getting good deals is all about the "hurry up and wait" vibe. You can save up for an AC for next year in order to seal the deal on a great buy. 

9. Gift Cards 

Trust me... I've learned from experience Gift cards are great gift to give, and should be bought in December. The closer you get to Christmas, the more deals will pop up from places BJs, Target...etc offering deals / specials where you buy a gift card for a certain price, and have more money loaded onto the card as a bonus. Talk about winning  !

10. Games + Toys 

This is the height of these items in the stores so you shouldn't be expecting much of a discount on these items at all. The best time to shop for toys and games (particularly toys) is as you approach Christmas day and the day after Christmas (Boxing day). If you're shopping for young kids who don't particularly know the date yet, they can wait a day or two for you to pick them up a gift while being fiscally responsible. 

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