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High Paying Freelance Jobs In 2020 ($200 An Hour)

Written by Millennial In debt on October 12, 2020

FTC: This post is not sponsored and I am not a financial advisor. All thoughts and weird opinions are my own. 

If you haven't been following on Insta (first off go rectify that) then you've been missing out on my latest series helping folks find high paying jobs requiring various levels and degrees of experience and education. Many people are now remote and looking for the highest paying work from home jobs they can get into.

I'm taking it one step further, because many people want to make money as a freelancer full-time or as a side hustle. However they feel that it is not possible or too risky right now. Today we're tackling high paying freelance jobs that pay more than $200 dollars an hour (and yes they are still in high demand) to give you that opportunity. With the state of the world, we need options and that is just what I am here to provide. 

Here's where you can catch up on the series: 

highest paying work from home jobs highest paying work from home jobs highest paying work from home jobs

Now that we've got all of that out of the way, let's talk about these high paying freelance jobs. 

high paying freelance jobs

7 High Paying Freelance Jobs In 2020 ($200 An Hour)

1. Accounting and Bookkeeping advisor

Average hourly rate: $215

I've never been one for math, but it would seem that the math and science industry are always going to be at the forefront of moneymaking. Accounting can also be transferred into just about industry, which means you have a set of transferable skills that are lucrative to most businesses. It's not wonder that this job is still very much in demand even during the pandemic. Specializing as an accounting and bookkeeping advisor will help you get your foot into more doors, but general advising will also make you tons of money.  

2. Designer 

Average hourly rate: $195

Do I have to say much about why web designers and graphic designers are able to charge and make so much money. This is one of the most in demand high paying freelance jobs on the market in 2020. With everything transitioning to digital and remote, web designers are a blessing and that blessing is going to cost you just about $195.00 dollars an hour on average. 

3. Software development and implementation

Average hourly rate: $220

Along that same vein, graphic designers and web designers are only as strong as their software developing counterparts. Software developing is having an influx (you know you know why). So if you are good at coding, there are tons of companies and brands looking to have projects come to fruition at your very skilled hand.   

4. IT Strategist

Average hourly rate: $165

You can see the theme of this list lends itself heavily to math, science and tech related fields. (Why did I study English again- face palm) This is one of those particular high paying freelance jobs that requires skills and experience opposed to formal education. Of course some companies would prefer a Bachelor's degrees, but I have many friends in IT that simply have certifications. You are attempting to maximize companies' IT investments therefore as long as you are able to show your value you can expect to make about $165 an hour on average.   


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5. Legal Service Expert and Advisor

Average hourly rate: $255

This job in particular is for my people in the legal industry (I'm sure the name of the job itself gave that away) If you have experience as an attorney or legal advisor this high paying freelance job will be right up your alley. This job is the highest paying freelance job raking in about $255 an hour on average. Of course it requires you to have a law degree... and those aren't cheap to come by... but if you got it... GO FOR IT! 

6. Applied Behavioral Analysis

Average hourly rate: $195

Applied Behavioral Analysts do make quite a bit of money, but their job doesn't come easy. An ABA is a part of the science industry and you are required to use techniques aimed to change behavior (I love jobs that pretty much tell you what they are / what they do right in the name ) So this job will take a bit of school, but after that you can expect to start off with an above average starting salary. You can find ABA mostly in schools, business management or training.   

7. Asset manager

Average hourly rate: $175

Last but not least, we have asset managers as our final high paying freelance job. You are essentially responsible for managing contracts for companies properties and equipment. A friend of mine is an asset manager for Con-Ed (previously MTA) and he helps them manage and negotiate contracts with other companies. You can have a real-estate background for this particular job or something to do with legal or business management.  

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Hey there! I'm Melissa, co-founder of Trials n Tresses, natural hair and beauty lover, binge tv watcher and lover of life. When I am not creating content for TNT, I'm busy teaching the future of society.
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