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7 Best Money Making Apps To Sell Your Stuff

Written by Millennial In debt on October 9, 2021

FTC: This post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you join. I would never recommend anything I haven't tried or trust! 

Disclaimer: I am a full-time employee of a fin-tech company, and the content and views expressed here are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employer.

7 Best Money Making Apps To Sell Your Stuff

If you're here that means you found me on Google (hey now SEO go off) or you came from the socials ! Either way you're here and you want to know about how to make extra coin and declutter your home. And as with everything, the market can be really cluttered and these money making apps to sell your stuff can get really confusing. They are NOT all created equal. Some are better for different types of items than others... so let's walk through which apps you should use in conjunction with one another to make the most coin.

best money making apps

1. Mercari – Best for Electronics (Also Good for Clothing )

I just started using Mercari a few weeks ago to sell my older technology and let me tell you... this is the best platform that I have sold electronics on. It is a pretty straight forward app / website that is easy to navigate. There are no major bells and whistles so you can use it without problems. You upload your items and add in details for the buyers to peruse. They do charge a 10% fee of the sale price to use their platform. (shrugs) Those are the breaks!

2. Teachers Pay Teachers - Best for Digital Education Content / Resources

I've been selling digital resources on Teachers Pay Teachers for years! It has been one of my biggest side hustles/ passive income streams and it absolutely helped me achieve several of my personal finance goals. Teachers Pay Teachers has two separate plans that you can partake in. In the free option / version you keep 55% of your monthly sales (55% of each item you sell). The paid subscription version ($59.95 a year) allows you to keep 80% on all sales.

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3. Amazon – Best for Just About Everything

Selling things on Amazon is not a new idea... but it is often a forgotten one. I haven't heard many people speak on it, and when people talk about making money on Amazon, selling products usually isn't at the top of the list. You can sell new and used items on Amazon.

The items that tend to do the best/ move the quickest: books, movies, and video games. You'll need an Amazon seller account that you would sign up for/ sign in to with your Amazon credentials. This seller setup is different than the round the way apps we've come to know and use. Instead of just taking pics and adding a description, you would type in the name of the product or scan the barcode. You have two options as an Amazon seller: take your money in cash- it'll be sent to your bank account. Or you can have the money turned into Amazon dollars and used directly on Amazon.

4.Poshmark – Best for Selling Clothes

I've made a few sales on Poshmark here and there, but one of my close friends has created an entire business off of selling clothes on Poshmark. Yes... in a very Girlboss way... Poshmark is a prime space to sell your old vintage or name brand clothes. Luxury Clothes/ accessories also do very well on Poshmark. I've tried to sell shoes/ heels... apparently my size 6 just wasn't appealing to most! So keep sizing in mind when posting.

Similary to Mercari, you would take pictures of your items and post a detailed description for the buyer to know the state of the items. Poshmark charges 20% per sale which is standard for most of these apps that provide a platform with shipping services.

5.Ebay – Best For Selling Just About Anything

I know I know... I was weary of putting Ebay on this list, but it definitely is a great all purpose site/ app to use to offload just about anything you have to sell. Whether it is new, used, current...doesn't matter - there is someone who is willing and waiting to make that purchase.

Ebay is a bit different, and it I will say it was one of the pioneers to this selling your -ish game. You upload your item with pictures and descriptions. There is an Ebay listing fee after you have listed your first 50 free items. The fee gets paid to Ebay and PayPal.

I know that Ebay has its great share of problems... we can not deny that. There are scammers galore. But they were one of the original sites that gave us the opportunity to sell out belongings thus... they have a huge network of people with a plethora of interests that allow you to offload just about anything you've got collecting dust in your house.

The major trick to remember with Ebay is to document EVERYTHING!! Take pictures, and really describe the item thoroughly to avoid any potential issues with the buyer.

6. Facebook Marketplace – Best Money Making App For Electronics, Cars + Local Sales

Facebook Marketplace has been a great secondary space for me to sell my old electronics/ tech. What makes this one really helpful is that it is the bigger better version of Craigslist in my humble opinion. It gives off the Craigslist vibes without the skeevy undertone I used to always get when I would post or sell to anyone on that platform.

On Facebook Marketplace you would upload your photos and descriptions, but you can also share your posting in local sellers groups in your location. This offers you a wide network, and also your friend network on Facebook as well. I also find that people have a really good opportunity to sell their used vehicles (and rental spaces) on Facebook Marketplace which is not possible on the other platforms mentioned on this list. Facebook Marketplace now offers shipping options for certain products as well. (Based on cost/ value I believe)

7.OfferUp – Best Money Making App When You Want to Ship Items

OfferUp and Let Go used to be direct competitors, which was so bizarre since they had almost the exact same interface and were useful for the exact same thing. Thankfully OfferUp and Let Go merged and we are now left simply with Offer Up. This app, similar to the previously mentioned, gives you the opportunity to post photos and a description of your products.

What I like about Offer Up is they seem to be the lowest fee comparative to the to other apps/sites mentioned above. OfferUp only charges a fee if you are shipping a product through them (you can make sales locally just like with Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace). The fee is a minimum of $1.99 or 12.9% of the sales price. The person buying the item pays for shipping.

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